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Motor Purchase 2020

5th Feb 2020

Card-based fuels for CTP S.A.

18th Feb 2020

Euro 5 diesel supply contract

21st Feb 2020

Natural gas supply services

30th Jan 2020

Supply of Euro 5 diesel with the included transport and insurance system of storage - distribution of fuel for 2020 during 12 months of the supply contract.

11th Feb 2020

Euro 5 diesel supply with card system

5th Feb 2020

Purchase of fuel for the car park of the institution in the form of vouchers

27th Jan 2020

Acquisition of natural gas supply services for SRTV offices.

30th Jan 2020

Supply of natural gas, including transportation, storage storage, etc.

29th Jan 2020

Supply of motor fuels, diesel and gasoline, for the necessity of the Moldovan Commune for a period of 24 months.

23rd Jan 2020