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Cl 26 - Design and Execution of Works at Seau Targu Jiu

29th Jan 2021

‚Äěpreparation of Cadastral Documentation Based on Law No. 255/2010 Related to the Buildings Expropriated by Gd 650/2013 and Gd 663/2018 for the Rehabilitation Work Dn 76 Deva-oradea, Ione»ôti-varfurile Sector: L ...

18th Jan 2021

Design Services, Technical Project Phases and Execution Details (pt + De + Cs), Technical Assistance from the Designer and Execution of Works For: Lot 1 ‚Äěmodernization Dj702f, County Limit ...

12th Jan 2021

Design Services Phases Technical Expertise, Feasibility Study / Dali, Technical Project, De, Poe, Doa, Dtac, Including Field Studies and Other Specific Studies (including Studies / Documentation of ...

11th Jan 2021

Acquisition of Cleaning, Sanitation and Selective Collection Services in the Spaces Related to Passenger Terminals and Street Cleaning, at the Aibb-av Working Point, by Lots: Lot Nr. 1 - Ser ...

28th Dec 2020

Implementation of the Asset Management Subsystem (ams)

22nd Jan 2021

Disinfection Services

15th Dec 2020

‚Äěpreparation of Cadastral Documentation Based on Law No. 255/2010 Related to the Buildings Expropriated by Gd 1076/2013 for the Rehabilitation Work Dn 76 Deva-oradea, »ėoimu»ô-brad Sector: Lot 1 - ŇěoimuŇü Atu; It...

11th Jan 2021

Implementation of a National Transport Model, by Updating and Detailing the Mnt for 2019, for the Transport of Passengers by Rail and Defining the Obligation of Public Transport Service ...

6th Jan 2021

Cleaning Services for Gala»õi City Hall Offices

6th Jan 2021

"modernization of the Fete»ôti Collection Agency and Identification of Charging Solutions to Streamline Traffic and Reduce Waiting Times by Limiting the Action of the Human Factor"

5th Jan 2021

Atm-cs-2 Technical Assistance Services for Project Management, Advertising and Supervision of Execution Works in the Operating Area of Sc Apa Tarnavei Mari Sa, Sibiu County

28th Dec 2020

Services for the Collection, Transport, and Final Disposal of Hospital Waste

4th Dec 2020

Supervision Services for the Modernization of Streets, Sidewalks, Bicycle Tracks and Bus Stations for the Project "integrated Sustainable Urban Mobility System in the City of Segar ...

16th Dec 2020

Ce Tulcea Headquarters Heating Installation

14th Jan 2021

Sanitation Services Administrative and Bedroom Spaces from Bucharest Passenger Passenger, Bucharest Passenger Depot - Automotive and S.e.l.c. Basarab

28th Dec 2020

Physical Security Risk Analysis for Srtfc Headquarters and Subunits Bucharest

14th Dec 2020

Technical Assistance Services from the Designer During the Realization of the Works for the Investment: ‚Äěextension, Attic, Modernization and Endowment of Gymnasium School Nr. 1, Gherla "

14th Dec 2020

Roads and Bridges Design 3 Lots

10th Dec 2020

Contract for the Execution of Works Within the Project "rehabilitation and Modernization of the Kindergarten with Normal DranovńÉ»õu Program‚ÄĚ

14th Dec 2020